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Mags And Orgs

Charles Doane, editor for SAIL magazine, offers sometimes humorous, sometimes critical analysis of current events in the sailing world. His perspective is both acerbically personal and yet balanced when appropriate.

Hands down, the best marine tech geek site on the internet. Ben Ellison makes reading about gagets fun and in a way that I can almost understand what he's talking about. At least enough to know which stuff is best.

Good Old Boat
Good Old Boat magazine. I think this magazine is the most "real" sailing magazine. They shy away from glitz and have articles that are relevant to the types of repairs I might tackle on my own or reports on the kinds of experiences I enjoy reading about.

Good Old Boat blogs
Good Old Boat has assembled some of the most interesting blogs.

Enough said. Just had to add it de rigueur.

Personal Blogs

We met Phil and Anita in Baltimore. They have been cruising in the same boat for some 20 years. Phil's wonderful mixture of wit and self-deprecation is only exceed by his modesty. His writing is the best I've enjoyed in blogs. I hope he publishes a collection of his sailing pieces some day.

Beth Leonard
Beth is my favorite maritime writer. I love her book "Blue Horizons." She writes of the experience of cruising in a way that makes us understand why we love it so. She writes elegantly of places, poignantly about people and personally about her feelings.

SV Syrah
Carrol and Lance's blog of life aboard their Hans Christian 38 MKII. This site is unique because they have made it their mission to compile a list of every known Hans Christian.

SV Moitessier
Yu and Frank have a Hans Christian 41 with the envious layout that includes a workshop. This site has some scary entries about chainplate bolts; and funny stories about changing heads. Frank is pretty handy.

John Vigor
John has a combination of knowledge and humility which, in my book, place him among the greatest of sailors. He can paint a little scene about even the most mundane, short day trip with all the colors of life. He describes trials and travails accurately, yet with wit and, well, vigor. I've been lucky enough to be introduced to all of John's best traits by being a member of the dynamic Cape Dory owners discussion board, where he puts all of our chatter about boat projects or trips into greater human perspective.

The Adventures of Bruadair
This guys are great. They've been living the dream for so long, it's has become Living The Reality. Their blog is chock full of good technical advice and plenty of inspirational photos and entries.

SV Whoosh
This is an invaluable site for anyone thinking about spending time in Europe. This has a ton of detailed information on everything from regulations and to preparing for European voltage.

More of my personal ramblings about life. This is a former blog of mine, when blogs were all new to the world. It lacked theme or purpose -- and in that sense, it reflected my mind perfectly.