Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mandraki Harbor, Corfu, Greece - A Ridiculously Romantic Harbor

Mandraki harbor, Corfu, Greece.

This week, we are snuggled into one of the most scenic harbors we have yet enjoyed. We are in Mandraki harbor, at the base of the town's fort.

To get to this harbor, it almost seems you have to be on the royal list of guests.

After entering a gate, we cross the moat.
Inside the complex, we wander by ancient and restored structures.
Then between the outer and inner walls, where once barracks stood.
Down a ramp to begin our descent to sea level.
At ramp's end, a left leads down stairs and arches.
And through the outer wall ...
onto a small community swimming area. A path to the left leads to ...
a sweet little marina.


Anonymous said...

Watch the weather and the other boats in the harbour. If they start leaving - leave!

Gouvia is boring - but safe!

David - Vigdis (following you via RSS).

abbot said...

Mathias said.....

Patience, patience. Food pix are coming. Excellent suggestion. We have had some fantastic meals and always kicked ourselves for not bringing the camera along. We'll start collecting gourmet shots.

02 July, 2013 06:31


.... empty promises IMO