Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Float Plan

In the parlance of sailors, a "float plan" is the equivalent of letting your parents know who you're going out with that night, where you're going and when you expect to be back.

I have filed early float plans with my family and some key people who would know who to call and what to say in the event we never arrived at my destination. But in this day and age of blogs, is this not as good a place as any?

We are in Kos, Greece right now. For a few weeks we have been debating which way to get to our winter port, Rhythmnon, Crete. The direct route is about 175 NM southwest. At our average cruising speed of four knots, that comes to about 44 hours.

The alternative is to hop along islands, each about 40 NM apart until we are directly north of Rhythmnon and then do a 70-mile passage.

Without getting into all the advantages and disadvantages of each, we have chosen the direct route. But in order to avoid a two-day watch schedule of two-hours on, two-hours off, we have decided to invite another crew member to join us. That will give each of us two-hours on, and four-hours off.

We found our crew on the 7-knots.com website. It's a great website for exactly this kind of networking. Here's a link to his listing:


Taylor seems to be an adventurer of a unique class. At the following website you can see that in his world travels over the last few years, he has slept under the stars or at newly-met people's homes, barns, work places, cars, and similar settings for all but only two nights in the last two years.


As I write, Taylor is hitch-hiking from Iznit, Turkey where he was olive-picking, to Bodrum where he will catch a ferry and meet us here in Kos. He didn't arrive on this morning's ferry, so we presume he'll be on tomorrow's. If so, then the weather window is looking good for a departure on Wednesday around 1400. That would make our estimated arrival in Rhythmnon Friday, at 1000.

So, there's the scoop on our date. We promise not to drink and drive. And, yes, we'll use protection. (That would be tethers.)

P.S. Sorry I can't update the map on this iPad. Once we get to Crete, I'll have my beloved MacBook Pro back and can work on the blog's frilly delicates.

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Steve Garlick said...

Interesting choice, will be interested in your experience.

We're off to Orhaniye Sunday.