Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cape Dory 25 For Sale

Sunset has been sold. I leave this posted here because of my little story as a testimony to the stabilty and performance of these wonderful boats. If you are looking for a "first keel boat" then a CD25 is a great choice.

Cape Dory 25 for sale. Sunset is a fine girl who needs a new home.

It is with a heavy heart that I must sell Sunset. I've had her for nine years, but I'm struggling to justify the costs of keeping her.

She is as fine a sloop as was ever made in her size. And sailing in her is as safe as sitting in your living room wing-back chair.

I remember once, sailing with two loved ones on a breezy, gusty day. We were sailing sweet Sunset hard and she was loving it. We weren’t just riding the rail, we were burying it. Within seconds, a gust got the best of us and Sunset healed hard, further, further, we scrambled to the windward gunwale and now sat there as we watched the starboard spreader dip into the water as the boat came to a standstill. We were broached. Still too full of fun adrenaline to panic, I watched as Sunset rested, catching her breath, for the count of perhaps five, then simply rose straight up again and turned into the wind, giving us a chance to burst into laughter and clean up tangled lines and set off again.

No other small sloop of her size has such stability, such nice lines, such smooth movement through the water.

Here is the general information:

Cape Dory 25
Year: 1976
LOA: 25 ft 0 in
Beam: 7 ft 3 in
LWL: 18 ft 0 in
Minimum Draft: 3 feet
Displacement: 4,000 lbs

Main sail
Small Jib

6 hp Tohatsu outboard. Four-stroke. Exhaust through prop, eliminating smoke in engine lazarette. Alternator in outboard to charge house battery.

Comes with trailer.

Other features:
Brand new standing rigging.
Autopilot arm for tiller
Unique, custom grounding system for lighting strikes
Solar-powered fan in hatch keeps boat dry
Powerful radar reflector (can be seen on aft stay in photo above)
Plumbed head with direct and tank discharge options 
VHF radio
Optional cockpit fitting for salon table
Permanently affixed aft boarding ladder.
Custom anchor bracket on bow pulpit with 25-pound Bruce
Mounted stern anchor

Price: $7,500

Custom anchor bracket on Cape Dory 25 bow pulpit.
Auto pilot on tiller arm of Cape Dory 25.
Solar-powered hatch fan, and vent in companionway hatch keep boat dry in your absence.


abbot said...

owner financing ?

judymac said...

she is such a pretty thing!

abbot said...

^ maternal financing ?

alykat said...

sweet thing. I just forwarded to a friend you would give her a loving home... : )

alykat said...

actually - what are the costs of keeping her?