Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beautifying Our Phoenix

Can you guess what these are?
Enter a comment with your guesses. 
When Jennifer sees the comments in her in-box, she will be surprised. She might even tell you if your answers are right.

The prize to the person with the most correct answers? I don't know ... My voice on your answering machine? A postcard from Instanbul? The pleasure of knowing you've got the smarts real bad? Finally seeing a blog entry from Jennifer?

This is a ________, made from _______, with 89 cut-out from the same material and sewn on because __________.

These are ________.

This is a ________.

This is a ________.

This is a ________.

This is a ________.

If you think you know the answers, engrave them on a Monitor Windvane steering mechanism, custom designed for a Hans Christian 33, with both storm and light-air windvanes, and send it to us.


judymac said...

first: one looks like some kind of windsock/flag to identify your selves
second: throw pillows by Jennifer
third: a curtain for the shower?
fourth: window curtain
fifth: headboard holder for stuff
sixth: looks like something to hang on door to hold bath stuff

Anonymous said...

This is a curtain thingy made from old sails , with 89 cut-out from the same material and sewn on because that's how old we'll be when this voyage is done.

These are fabric covered rectangles.

This is a long curtain; this is a short curtain; this is a couple of monsters living in pockets; this is a whole bunch of bathroom stuff in a cool fabric thingamajig.

Mathias said...

I have heard (Mathias here) that some people thought this entry was written by Jennifer. But those are my words. I secretly posted the blog in my weak-humored attempt at getting people to encourage Jennifer to write. Anyway....

We have two entries. Both from loyal blog responders. Thank you. We love reading the responses. "Anonymous" is only thinly veiled, since the humor reveals the persona. There should be a Latin expression for that: The humor reveals the persona.

Rather than add the answers in this entry, we will post a future blog showing the various items "in situ." (Ah, there's that Latin.)

Rachel Clark said...

1) Shower curtain made from sail cloth. The numbers 8 & 9 are each of your favorite numbers

2) Cushions, also made by Jen, one made from sack cloth, the other looks like a Marimekko fabric and possibly both have different material on the back-side, knowing Jen.

3) Curtain for the small berth

4) Curtain for the main berth

5) Hanger for above your bed to hold books and other sundry items

6) Hanger for the bathroom to hold various toiletry items

Thank you, thank you, you can hold your applause!