Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off to Formentera

We have been in Estepona for just an over-night. Right around the bend from Gibraltar. There is a guy here, the only one in all of Spain apparently, who fills American-style tanks with propane. He filled our tank and sold us a conversion set so we can now use the European "camping gaz."

So this evening (in a couple of hours) we are cast off for Formentera, a little island just south of Ibiza. Almost attached to Ibiza.

It should be a three-day run, making our arrival sometime Sunday evening. It will be our first multi-day passage together with just the two of us.

No internet during the passage, so we will be out of touch.

Here's the Matty-Jen watch schedule:

0700 - 1200 (five hours) Matty
1200 - 1600 (four hours) Jen
1600 - 2100 (five hours) Matty
2100 - 2300 (two hours) Jen
2300 - 0100 (two hours) Matty
0100 - 0300 (two hours) Jen
0300 - 0500 (two hours) Matty
0500 - 0700 (two hours) Jen

From now on, you can see our location on a map, if you click on the link ALL THE WAY at the bottom of this post. Underneath all the goofy social network icons, there is the written location of where we are posting from. If you click on that, you will get a map.

1 comment:

Geoff Miller said...

Hi jen, It's a voice from the past.

no I don't have questions about 18th cent costumes.

Just wanted to tell you i spent a week in Estapona when i went to grad school in FRance. Loved it and had the most amazing seafood a la plancha there.

Best of luck to you all