Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dolphins RIP

Last night our beautiful, wonderful Dolphins burned.

Jennifer and I escaped unharmed but without anything but the clothes we were wearing. No shoes. No glasses for me. We have our wedding rings.

We don´t know how the fire started. We had just anchored in a bay inside the large natural harbor of Mahon, Menorca. Jennifer was cooking and we noticed the lights in the boat flicker. Moments later, smoke was wafting from the engine room.

I unloaded two fire extinguishers into the engine room, to no avail.

We untied the dinghy, threw it overboard, grabbed oars and rowed away to a nearby sailboat with a German couple and their son.

It all happened within minutes. All surreal. This could not be happening. We were in shock. We still are. Every move I made, I thought I was overreacting. This could not be that serious.

We still could hardly believe it, as we watched Dolphins burn to the waterline from the other boat. Our May Day calls were acknowledged by the coast guard, but I suppose upon hearing that we were safe, they did not send any fire boat. Or at least not during the 45 minutes we waited and watched.

We were dropped off at the harbor and we are now in a hotel.

We have no means of communication. Using hotel computer now. So if you have an emergency and need to contact us, you can via Roland at his cell.

We will give more information once we are settled.

We are sadder than we can say. Our boat, our home, our life.


Barbara Costa said...

Omigod!!!! I cannot believe it. Do you have your wallets and passports? Wow, the start of the next adventure. I am very very sorry, there was so much love and history and hard work and future plans invested in Dolphins! I wish you the best in terms of insurance coverage and resilience. Can't wait to see your next blog. Let us know if we can help. Hugs!

Jane said...

Oh, Jen and Matthias - we don't know what to say! Our thoughts are with you and please let us know if there's anything we can do!

xoxo Jane & Rob

steve said...

Heartbreaking. Steve M

Steve said...

What a shock! We are so sorry, but glad you are safe! Sending positive thoughts from Oregon - Love, Pam, Steve and Flora

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jennifer and Mathias!
Thank god you guys are safe. Our hearts ache for you. You are very much in our thoughts as you navigate this challenging time. If there is anything in the world we can do, please let us know. Please be in touch.
Love and hugs,

Beth and Patrick

Emily said...

So so sorry to hear your news. If we can help in any way, please say. If you need a place to stay you are more than welcome here. Big hugs to you both. Glad you're safe at least. Emily and Andreas xxxx